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Sarepta Group is an integrated oil and gas company, involved in the entire value chain of the oil business. 
The company as established in Stavanger, Norway in 2016. We focus on planning and implementing fast track and low cost Enhanced Intelligent Oil Recovery (EIOR) projects to the world.


We aim for 55%-85% recovery in our selected fields. 

Vast resource potential in Worldwide fields:

Only 30% of original oil in place is recovered at abandonment. 


Sarepta's Goal: 

Increase oil recovery drastically (by at least 5% - 25%)

Method used: 

Well stimulation, Cleaning, Gel injection, Advanced water based injection. 

Our Procedures: 

Resovoir diagnostics and EIOR potential studies, laboratory tests, feasibility studies, pilot tests for technology verification. Plan and implement of full field reactivation projects. 

Our Team: 

We're driven by an expert team of specialists and former advisors of ajor Norwegian oi companies. The current recovery factor in Norway is 47%. 





Our History
Sarepta Oil initially started as an oil service company that provides gel injection technology solutions for oil field operators. 
Given the overwhelming early success of the Unique Gel injection technology, the company expanded its business model by becoming a fully-fledged integrated Oil & Gas company that would trade its technology solutions for oil equity.

This is the result of the last three decades where a group of engineers, petro-scientists and researchers from Norway have been perfecting this cutting- edge technology for enhancing hydrocarbon recovery in mature oil fields.
Having successfully implemented it with STATOIL and other upstream players in the North Sea and the USA, they brought the technology to the rest of the world.

Our Vision & Mission
We strive to be a worldwide trusted and fully integrated Oil & Gas global solutions provider. We work with stealth, flexibility and efficiency.
Sarepta is at the forefront of an industry that is more than 100 years old with its unique Gel Injection Technology that will fundamentally revolutionize Late Life Assets Recovery programs for years to come.



3 Billion

5% - 25%

Our EIOR Technology first deployment in Khazakstan

Countries with active matured field Intelligent Exploration

BOE (Barrel of Oil Equivalents ) in reserves earmarked for extraction

Oil Recovery goal






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